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Jiyunomori Gakuen Junior&Senior High School was founded in 1985, aiming for a new style of education which does not follow the traditional Ranking System by Number Scoring.

The chief mainstay of this philosophy is the educational pedagogy of the mathematician, Hiraku TOYAMA. He thought the Ranking System by Number Scoring which has widely penetrated school education in Japan was an obstruction to the development of children as individuals. He wrote:“The method to stimulate students` competitive spirit has a surly power to arouse people quickly and easily. But, on the other hand, it has a defect in that they lose theirselves, targeting on others.”

Children who are compelled to measure themselves apart from their own will and sensitivity and who think studying is only in preparation for tests are far from the pleasure of learning and can not demonstrate their energy for learning and growth.

As a remedy to this situation Jiyunomori Gakuen is a school that attempts to realize an essential education through classes which are not based on the principal of competition.

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Jiyunomori Gakuen treasures three educational focuses;

First, classes are weighted on “the consideration of students”. Classrooms are designed to be spaces to acquire deep, essential main themes, rather than to memorize shallow knowledge. They also concentrate on dialogue with teachers and the dialogue among students, and on developing a high degree of response with rich sensitivity, focusing on art and self-expression.

Second,“evaluation to develop each student”. The idea that “judging students by percentile ranking is the only way to evaluate them”, which has been long been held, unreasonably, in Japanese education history, has a role in the selection of students but does not foster them. We, at Jiyunomori Gakuen, value the evaluations written by the teachers in charge of each class to the students, rather than ranking by numbers. Report Cards, which might be a treasure for all students, are not described by numbers but by statements. This shows the principal of our educational attitude.

Third, the concept “to complete work”. The students learn not in order to get good scores but aiming to complete their assignments or their work based on their studies through classes. We take the way of more creative and inquiring study, building and fostering their understanding and awareness rather than the way of giving required answers to be returned passively through term examinations.

We cultivate in our students the will and power to determine their lives and the will and power to live with others.

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